"Cellar Door" (2010)
The size of the cellar hatch is that of a real one, details such as hinges and brackets make it seem real, but the juxtaposition of real and unreal elements make it look like a faux object. The cellar hatch is a hidden space of subconscious restraint, a domestic portal from which phallic missiles penetrates the atmosphere. Visually the missiles do not look vicious and frightening, their cartoon-like shapes echoes turned table legs or playful spinning tops, the use of sparkling joyful color make us doubt the danger. Polyester fiber as an illusion of smoke emphasizes the naive visual language, it indicate a link with a nostalgic world of childhood, making shoebox dioramas with cotton wool clouds and plastic animals.

Size: height: 90 cm. width: 80 cm. depth: 100 cm.
Materials: ceramics, MDF, polyester fiber